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Maybe the answer to your dental travel related question is already listed on this Frequently Asked Questions page in the table below. If you can’t find the right answer you’re looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us. Adriana Smile is happy to help.

Check Our Frequently Asked Questions. Adriana Smile
Adriana Smile. Your Smile Is Our Happiness
Dental Holiday Antalya. Your Smile Is Our Happiness!
Who is Adriana?

Hi, I’m Adriana and the owner of the Adriana Smile company. I only work with the best private dental clinics in Antalya. As a Dutch hostess, dental consultant and intermediary you’ll have the best experience ever. I always help, guide and support all my clients from start to finish with getting that perfect smile.

Which languages do the dentists speak or in which languages am I being helped?

Some dentists also speak English, but because we know it’s more pleasant for you to guide you in your own language, we have hostesses who speak Dutch, German, Polish, English or Turkish.

Is Adriana always present in the clinic?

Yes, Adriana lives in Antalya and will be with you at the clinic from start to finish during your stay.

Is the Polish-speaking hostess always present?

No, she’s not always present, but before and after the treatments there are FaceTime moments possible if you would like to discuss all necessary information in Polish upon arrival in Antalya.

Is hotel accommodation and flight included?

Most dental treatment plans/offers include hotel and breakfast/buffet in a very cozy and beautiful boutique hotel near the clinic for 1 stay, this is always explicitly stated on your quote. Your flight is not included, but you can easily book it on: SkyScanner, Tuifly or Corendon Airlines.

To which airport should I book my flight?

You’ll need to book your flight to Antalya Airport in Turkey.

Can I bring a partner or friend?

Yes, at very low cost a second person can join the same room, price on request.

What happens when I arrive at the airport?

As soon as you arrive and walk outside the airport, a driver will be waiting for you with an Adriana Smile Welcome Sign in his hands with your name on it. So you can expect to be picked up neatly.

Do I go directly from the airport to the clinic or to the hotel?

If you arrive before 6pm, the driver will take you to the clinic nearby. You’ll get acquainted and we’ll do the intake, after which you will go to the hotel. Your hostess will keep you informed of all agreements and scheduling.

Do I receive reimbursement from my Dutch health insurance for dental treatment abroad?

Acute dental care such as toothache is reimbursed by your health insurance (also by your travel insurance), even when a piece of tooth has broken off and you suffer from it during your holiday. Please read the conditions of your health insurance and/or travel insurance carefully.

Can I also state my dental costs at home and abroad in my annual tax return?

Adult dental costs are not covered by your basic health insurance. If you don’t have additional dental insurance, you therefore pay the dental costs yourself. What many people don’t know is that you can deduct the dental costs that your health insurance does not reimburse from the taxes. You may only deduct the dental costs if they exceed the threshold amount. This threshold amount depends on your income and is determined annually by the tax authorities.

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Dental Holiday Antalya. Your Smile Is Our Happiness!
Adriana Smile. Your Smile Is Our Happiness
Adriana Smile. Your Smile Is Our Happiness

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