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Taking the first step in getting a new smile is very exciting but for some of us also a little scary therefor we made it very easy to request your free dental plan. The next 8 steps will give you a clear idea of how we work, what needs to be done to schedule your dental travel experience and what is going to happen.

Find Out How We Work And Get Your Free Dental Plan
Adriana Smile. Your Smile Is Our Happiness
Dental Holiday Antalya. Your Smile Is Our Happiness!

Step 1

Take 5 photos of your teeth and mouth

What we need from you are 5 pictures of your teeth and mouth so that the team can see what the current state of your teeth are. You can easily make these with your own phone. Below you’ll see an example on how to take these photos. Send the photos as an attachment when you send us your request for a free dental plan.

Send Us 5 Photos Of Your Mouth And Teeth And Request A Free Offer

Step 2

Get in touch and receive a free dental plan

When you scroll down you’ll find the free dental plan request form with which you can request your quote in a few simple steps. You can then easily attach your photos directly with your request but if you prefer to get in touch with Adriana Smile before you continue, it’s better to call first or fill in our contact form.

To receive a free dental plan we ask you to send us your:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Background dental history
  • And 5 photos
  • If you have recent X-rays, please send us these also

This data will only be used to make and send you an offer, to get in touch, read your story and analyze the photos with the team of specialists to come up with the best dental treatment for you.

Get In Touch With Adriana Smile And Receive A Free Dental Plan

Step 3

Scheduling your dental treatment holiday

Now that the treatment has been discussed and you have agreed with the quotation we sent, we can start scheduling your dental treatment. Together we’ll see when we’re going to schedule your dental treatment because you also have to book a flight ticket. You can look forward to a nice week away in beautiful Antalya.

Scheduling Your Reconstructive Or Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Step 4

Book your plane ticket and fly to Antalya

Almost everything has been arranged. Your free dental plan has been accepted and we scheduled a date for your dental treatment. There’s only one thing left to do and you need to do it yourself and that is booking your flight ticket(s).

We take care of everything else because your dental holiday includes your dental treatment, 7-nights stay at hotel including breakfast (ask for the conditions) and transfers from and to clinic-airport-hotel.

So your flight is not included, but you can easily book it on: SkyScanner, Tuifly or Corendon Airlines.

Get Free Dental Plan For Dental Travel With Adriana Smile. Book Your Ticket To Antalya

Step 5

Arrive at Antalya Airport and go to hotel or clinic

After your arrival at the airport you’ll be picked up by our VIP transfer service and depending on what time you arrive you’ll go directly to the clinic or hotel. 

Arrive At Antalya Airport And Directly Go To Hotel Or Clinic

Step 6

Meet up with Adriana and the dental team

The first day is all about sharing all necessary information, settling down at the hotel and meeting up with Adriana and the team.

Meet Up With Adriana Smile And The Dental Teams

Step 7

On day one or two we’ll immediately begin with your dental treatment

On the first or second day (depending on your time of arrival) your cosmetic or reconstructive dental treatment starts and Adriana will be from that moment on your side.

Immediately we'll begin with your dental treatment. Adriana Smile

Step 8

Go home with a beautiful and never ending smile

After 6 days, 7 nights and 3 clinic appointments in Antalya you’re in most cases already on your way home, but now with the perfect smile that you always wanted. In cases with dental implants you need to come twice.

Go Home With A Beautiful And Never Ending Smile
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Get A Free Dental Plan And Save Money Enjoy 10% Discount

Naturally there are also some financial benefits that we offer all our clients when they book their dental treatments in Antalya Turkey with Adriana Smile. Most importantly you can save a lot of money while you still get high quality materials and service, you don't prepay anything and after your cosmetic dental treatment is done you can pay in cash at the clinic. They additionally also give an extra 10% discount when you pay cash on arrival.
No prepayments needed
Save money! 50-70% cheaper
Pay for each visit separately
No suprises like extra costs
Get Free Dental Plan And Save Money With Adriana Smile Dental Travel
Dental Holiday Antalya. Your Smile Is Our Happiness!
Adriana Smile. Your Smile Is Our Happiness

Find Your Smile. Get Your Free Dental Plan!

Get your day started with a brand new and beautiful white smile and enjoy life more. Find out what the clinics in Antalya can do for your teeth and smile.

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    Copyright © 2020 Adriana SmileYour Smile is our Happiness

    Dental Holiday Antalya. Your Smile Is Our Happiness!