Laminate Veneers & Dental Facings

Placing veneers is a very popular treatment in cosmetic dentistry. A small layer of tooth tissue is removed from the frontside of the tooth and the facing is then placed on the tooth. Ask for a free dental plan and get your dental treatment done in Antalya.

Start Smiling With Dental Facings & Laminate Veneers At Adriana Smile
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All the benefits of Facings & Veneers

Yellow or brown discolored teeth or molars, damaged or sensitive teeth, gaps between teeth and molars can all be solved by placing facings & veneers. E-Max facings & veneers provide a beautiful looking, symmetrical result for your smile. A dental laboratory in Antalya produces E-Max facings of the highest quality. But to be said: "Using your teeth as a tool is not so wise when you have facings".
It will feel and look like your own natural teeth
High quality E-Max facings & veneers
Facings resistant to breaking or cracking
Good aesthetic long term dental solution
Solve aesthetic teeth problems easily
You can smile, eat and drink immediately
Full sense of taste is maintained or returns
Minimal removal natural tooth structure
All The Benefits Of Facings & Veneers. Adriana Smile
Adriana Smile Will Guide You In Getting Beautiful Teeth

Adriana Smile will give you Beautiful Teeth

The quickest and easiest way for correcting imperfections of your teeth are the placement of facings also known as veneers. With facings you'll regain full chewing functionality and have many years of pleasure with a beautiful and healthy smile. The facings will match with your natural teeth and are a very good aesthetic long-term dental solution. The laboratory manufactures the facings for you personally so they will fit perfectly.

For this dental treatment you'll only have to come to Antalya in Turkey once. During your visit in a private clinic, the dental facings are placed within 6 working days and 3 appointments. After one week you'll be on your way home with a beautiful and perfect new smile, without oneven, chipped or discolored teeth. The treatments for facings and veneers are performed under (local) anesthetics.
Scheduled Visits
timeframe 1 week
Working Days
duration of each visit
during each visit
Pay Cash And Get A Discount On Your Dental Facings In Antalya Turkey

Enjoy 10% discount Pay Cash on Arrival

When you book your dental treatment for getting facings & veneers with Adriana Smile, there are several financial benefits. Most importantly you can save a lot of money, you don't prepay anything and after your dental treatment is done you can pay in cash at the clinic. They additionally also give an extra 10% discount when you pay cash on arrival.
No prepayments needed
Save money! 50-70% cheaper
Pay for each visit separately
No suprises like extra costs
Dental Holiday Antalya. Your Smile Is Our Happiness!
Adriana Smile. Your Smile Is Our Happiness

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Get your day started with a brand new and beautiful white smile and enjoy life more. Find out what the dental clinics in Antalya can do for your teeth and smile.

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    Dental Holiday Antalya. Your Smile Is Our Happiness!